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Trekking the Slovenian Alps in Photos

Setting foot outside of the airport in Ljubljana, I expected to be greeted by the usual crowd of competing taxi drivers, noisy traffic, and pollution. But it was quite the opposite: there was hardly a soul around. The fresh air that filled my lungs smelled like grass in the spring, and the mighty alps in the distance provided a spectacular view. We sat down at a coffeeshop near the terminal, and a smiling, well-dressed young man served up warm, milky cappuccinos. How peaceful, I thought. This must be the calmest airport I've ever been to. Sipping on the coffee, I admired the sight of the mountains, knowing that in just a few days we would be struggling up to the summit of Mount Triglav, following a via ferrata to reach the highest peak in the country. And what a thrilling few days it was. Equal parts challenge and adventure, we enjoyed immersing ourselves in the natural offerings of one of Europe's greenest countries, and had the chance to test our bodies against the rugged landscapes of the Julian Alps. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so hopefully these pictures will do the experience better justice than my writing can.

Following a beautiful multi-day hike, we celebrated our hard work at a nice hotel near picturesque Lake Bled, a photographer's paradise. We spent our days walking around the lake, overindulging in pizza, and rowing to the island. Down time in Lake Bled was a welcome respite from the tough hiking of the previous days. All in all, it was time well spent in a very green and peaceful country, and a great trip to wrap up a wonderful summer of adventure and travel.

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